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painter, artist
from vienna, austria
since 1988

Yes. She. Good. Colour. Fast.Patience. Rainbow. Stations. Big. Mountain. Fountain. Smile. Red. Cheek. Apple. Tree. Eyes. Three. Night. Sea. Soul. Baby. Ghost. Lady. Give. Birth. Hi. Life. Burst. Boom. Bloom. Like. Love. Jungle.Monkey. Fever. One. Moment. This. Makes. No. Sense. Plants. Grow. Feeling. On. Spaghetti. Dreams. Dance. Wild. Dolphin. Sounds. Like. Coffee. Sunshine. Taste. Lemon. Age. Lemonade. Orange. Juice. Heels. High. Get. Low. Like. Booty. Queen. Listen. Up. Good. Luck. Donald. Mother. Mary. What. The. Duck. Holy. Shit. Pattern. Moon. Sun. Venus. Pluto. Saturn. See. You. Soon. Shooting. Star. Beef. Tartare. Ciao. Bella. Cinderella. Pasta. Basta. Shangri. La

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